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In addition, we offer marine insurance @2% declared value of the vehicle. Insurance is additional at 2% for full coverage with a minimum fee of 125.00 USD.

In case of a claim, there is a 500.00 USD or 3% deductible that must be met in order for the claim to be processed. UNIRISC Insurance Terms and Conditions.

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Our departure ports are Los Angeles, CA; Houston, TX; Savannah, GA; New Jersey, NJ. 

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In addition, we offer marine insurance @2% declared value of the vehicle. Insurance is additional at 2% for full coverage with a minimum fee of 125.00 USD.

In case of a claim, there is a 500.00 USD or 3% deductible that must be met in order for the claim to be processed. UNIRISC Insurance Terms and Conditions.

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– Classics – Collectibles – Exotics – Hyper Cars – Restoration Projects –

Ship Overseas

International Shipping Services 

Welcome and thank you for the opportunity to provide you with our comprehensive ocean transportation services. Direct Express Inc is a bonded/insured ocean freight carrier (NVOCC) offering containerized consolidations to Europe, Australia, and New Zealand and full container loads to the Far East, Middle East, and Latin America.

Vehicle Shipping

We simplified and facilitated the import-export of a vehicle shipping process. We can collect any vehicle in any condition from any location in the USA or Canada.

Oversized Shipping

We have no boundaries when it comes to container shipping or oversized cargo shipping. Ship your boat, RV or oversized equipment secure with Direct Express Inc.

Moving Overseas

Personal belongings, household goods, auto parts, boxes, crates, pallets, furniture, appliances, commercial cargo & more. We will help you with all shipping needs.

Military POV Shipping

Serving our service members. Have a second POV that you would like to have transported to your relocation station? We are here to assist. We are able to safely have your vehicle transported to Europe and back to the USA.

Your #1 Export & Import

Auto Transport Expert

Since 1988 we have been simplifying the shipping process and providing innovative logistical solutions to all of our clients worldwide that have an interest and a passion for all types of classic American vehicles, pick-up trucks, convertibles, wagons, vans, RVs, motorcycles, jet skis, boats, and yachts.

Direct Express specializes in safe loading, and international transport of cars, autos, trucks, motorcycles, watercrafts, all of you classic, luxury, sports, vintage, and restoration project car enthusiasts living across the world that need assistance in the collection and transport of their vehicle. Need to look no further. We understand that sometimes love and attention are needed for special projects. 

We carry a wide variety of personal and commercial cargo. We have a long-standing commitment to the shipping community. Pioneering multiple-vehicle container loading techniques, Direct Express utilizes custom wooden ramps as well as the state of the art metal R-Raks. Our unique loading methods maximize container space, thus saving you money on freight costs.

Clients Testimonials From

Before you make a decision, read what our customers say about Direct Express Inc

These guys know what they’re doing. Take their time to explain the process.

Dick Van L

Always helpful… big job… been around a long time. Trustworthy… and that in itself is the attribute.

Michael H.

Large facility, they are well organized. They are fast and friendly, I highly recommend them.

Wakim Z.

Compliments from Mr. Hans Peter Porsche,

“Mr. Porsche” :

Nach dem Kauf eines Oldtimers in den USA haben wir uns auf Empfehlung des Verkäufers an Direct Express, Inc. gewandt.

Nach unserem ersten Kontakt meldete sich Direct Express, Inc. schnell mit einer professionellen Antwort und einem Angebot bei uns.  Sie informierten und leiteten uns durch den gesamten Versandprozess und alles was bezüglich des Überseetransports, der Zollformalitäten und der notwendigen Dokumente zu beachten war.

Während der Verschiffung nach Europa hielt uns Direct Express, Inc. über den Status unseres Oldtimersimmer auf dem Laufenden.

Nach der Ankunft des Containers konnten wir unseren Oldtimer in Österreich in Empfang nehmen.

Wir haben die Firma Direct Express, Inc. sowie Chris Ortiz und sein Team als äußerst kompetent, sehr professionell, freundlich und gut organisiert kennen gelernt.

Ich kann die Firma nur wärmstens empfehlen.

Sie erreichen sie unter der Telefonnummer 310 324 2100

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Hans Peter Porsche


 English Translation:

After purchasing a classic car in the USA, we contacted Direct Express, Inc. on the recommendation of the seller.

After our initial contact, Direct Express, Inc. swiftly got back to us with a professional answer and quote.  They informed us and guided us through-out the complete shipping process and everything that needed to be followed regarding overseas transport, customs formalities, and necessary documents.

During the shipping to Europe, Direct Express, Inc,.  kept us fully updated about the status of our classic car.

Upon container arrival, we were able to take delivery of our classic car in Austria.

We got to know the company, Direct Express, Inc., Chris Ortiz and his team as extremely competent, very professional, friendly and  well organized.

I can only recommend the company highly.

You can reach them via tel at  310 324 2100 

With kind regards

Hans Peter Porsche 

 What makes us unique is our experience with once in a life time events and opportunities that we have been entrusted with by our exceptional clientele. Providing Direct Express, Inc with the opportunity to always go above and beyond, delivering the upmost results and meeting each of our customers’ expectations.

Direct Express, Inc., the leader in classic car shipping.

USA – Worldwide

Destinations we provide service to:

Shipping any car, any condition, any location. Inland Transport. Warehouse and Loading. Ocean Freight. Air Freight.
































New Zealand







Saudi Arabia



South Africa

South Korea




United Kingdom



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230 West Carob St. Rancho Dominguez, CA 90220

Direct Express, Inc. is a leader amongst shipping companies.

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