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What is roll on/roll off or RORO shipping?

RoRo is a term referring to a roll-on/roll-off vessel, which transports large vehicles overseas. Vehicles are driven onto the ship at departure in a large area, and driven off at the destination. This large area where the vehicles are driven onto is very similar to a large parking garage. With RoRo, delivery of the vehicle directly to the the port of departure can be taken care of by you, the shipper, or we can arrange a transport from your residence to be delivered to the port. Upon arrival of the vessel, the procedure is nearly identical and the vehicle will be have to be retrieved from the port of arrival. RoRo is recommended only for running vehicles.

There are many factors to take into consideration when determining if RoRo is the right option for your specific needs, including: sailing schedules, destinations, security, and time frame.

You may want to take into consideration that with RoRo, the port does not offer inspection reports, and only take responsibility for loading and bracing the vehicle onto the vessel. Due to no inspection report, we can only offer Total Loss Insurance for any vehicle on a RoRo shipment as we are not able to determine any damages prior to the loading of the vehicle onto the vessel.  

    If it doesn’t fit into a shipping container, we use Roll on/ Roll off. It is the best option to move oversize cargo overseas.

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    RoRo Shipping Summary:

    • The vehicle is delivered to the port of loading, either by the customer or a domestic carrier.
    • The terminal will receive the car, but there is no inspection report
    • No photographs unless arranged with the client or driver
    • The car is stored outdoor at the terminal prior to loading
    • Union workers at the port drive the vehicle onto the carrier vessel
    • It is braced into position for the transit
    • The client receives the vehicle upon arrival at the destination port.
    • Destination fees for RORO are less than those for shared container.
    Vehicle Shipping Overseas

    Direct Express, Inc. is NVOCC fully Bonded and Licensed.

    In addition to our excellent international shipping services, we are also able to offer you ro-ro (roll-on and roll-off) service for oversized cargo. Allow Direct Express, Inc. to arrange the delivery of your shipment, whether you’re shipping freight within 100 miles from the port, or if you are shipping freight across the country.

    Direct Express, Inc. is willing to accommodate you with transportation for any freight that needs to be relocated anywhere in U.S. Local, regional, and national delivery services are available for any of your freight trucking needs.

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