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Domestic Transport Coast to Coast

One of the many services that Direct Express, Inc. offers is domestic transport; we are able to provide coast to coast services.

Our vast trucking network enables us to provide you with easy delivery solutions. Your car is in safe hands with Direct Express, Inc.’s trucking network. Our truckers are the most reliable and reputable that the industry has to offer. From the collection of the vehicle, transport, all up until the delivery, we ensure that your vehicle is taken care of every step of the way.

We offer transportation via open car carrier, or enclosed transportation; whatever fits your needs, we can make happen.

We are able to collect any car, in any condition, from any location in the USA, and deliver to any other location in the USA.

Have a car that doesn’t run? That’s no problem for Direct Express, Inc. We have truckers that are capable of mobilizing your car as long as it steers, rolls, and brakes.

Feel free to reach out to one of our team members to receive a free domestic transport quote!

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Enclosed Transport vs Open Transport

There are many variables that come into play when deciding if you should transport a vehicle via open car carrier or enclosed. Enclosed transport is the more cost heavy option over open car carrier, however, in some cases enclosed transport would be preferred over open car carrier.

Some factors to take into consideration are weather and car value. If your vehicle is moving through a part of the country where it could be damaged due to any type of destructive weather, it may be worth it to transport your vehicle via an enclosed carrier.

An enclosed carrier can help ensure your vehicle remains protected during its transport. Enclosed car carriers protect against the weather, while providing complete privacy for your vehicles. Enclosed transport is the preferred method to ship classic cars, low-clearance vehicles, race cars, and exotics. This way you can have peace of mind to ensure your highly valued vehicle will make it to its destination safely. It makes the most sense to use enclosed transport for vehicles that are investments and collectibles.

Open car carriers are completely open to the elements. As you can imagine, this won’t be the top choice of someone transporting their pristine classic, but in most cases, it s the most cost efficient option.

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