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Understanding LIFT ON / LIFT OFF Services

LIFT ON / LIFT OFF (LOLO) is a method of loading and unloading vehicles onto and off cargo ships using specialized equipment. This technique is particularly advantageous for shipping vehicles, such as automobiles, heavy machinery, and oversized cargo, which may not be suitable for conventional roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) methods.


The Benefits of LOLO Services:

  1. Versatility: LOLO services are adaptable to various types of vehicles, from standard cars to oversized and specialized equipment.
  2. Safety: Our trained professionals handle the loading and unloading processes with utmost care, reducing the risk of damage to your vehicles.
  3. Security: With our LOLO services, your vehicles are securely fastened during transport, ensuring they arrive at their destination in the same condition as when they left.
  4. Efficiency: Our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced personnel ensure swift and efficient loading and unloading, minimizing downtime.
  5. Global Reach: Direct Express Inc. offers LOLO services for international shipping, connecting you to destinations worldwide.
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Booking Process

Step 1: Consultation and Quotation

Your journey with Direct Express Inc. begins with a consultation. Contact our dedicated team, and we’ll discuss your auto shipping requirements. We’ll take into account factors such as the type and size of your vehicles, destination, timeline, and budget.

Step 2: Customized Solution

Once we have a clear understanding of your needs, we’ll provide you with a personalized solution. This includes a detailed quotation that outlines all costs involved, ensuring transparency and clarity.

Step 3: Documentation

Our team will guide you through the necessary documentation. We handle customs forms, permits, and any other paperwork required for your specific international auto shipment. You can trust us to navigate the complexities of international shipping regulations on your behalf.

Step 4: Secure Booking

Once you’re satisfied with the proposed solution and all necessary documents are in order, we’ll secure your booking. Our team will coordinate a convenient date and time for your LIFT ON / LIFT OFF service.

Step 5: Confirmation and Pre-Shipment

Before your vehicles are loaded onto the cargo ship, we’ll provide you with a confirmation of your booking. You’ll also receive a pre-shipment checklist to ensure your vehicles are prepared for safe transport. Our team will guide you through this process, making it as straightforward as possible.


Shipment Process


Step 1: Vehicle Pickup

On the scheduled date, our experienced team will arrive at the pickup location to load your vehicles onto our specialized LOLO equipment. Rest assured, we handle your vehicles with the utmost care, using industry-best practices to secure them for transit.

Step 2: Transit

Your vehicles are now on their way to the destination. Throughout the journey, our team monitors the shipment’s progress, ensuring it adheres to the planned route and schedule.

Step 3: Arrival at Destination Port

Upon reaching the destination port, our team takes charge of the unloading process. Our LOLO equipment safely lifts your vehicles off the cargo ship, and we conduct a thorough inspection to verify their condition.

Step 4: Customs Clearance

We assist you with customs clearance, ensuring all necessary paperwork is processed efficiently. Our familiarity with international shipping regulations minimizes delays and ensures a smooth transition through customs.

Step 5: Final Delivery

Once customs clearance is obtained, we arrange for the final delivery of your vehicles to their destination. Whether it’s a dealership, your home, or a designated location, we strive to make this step as convenient as possible.

Step 6: Post-Shipment Support

Our commitment to your satisfaction doesn’t end with delivery. We provide post-shipment support to address any questions or concerns you may have, ensuring your complete peace of mind.


At Direct Express Inc., we’re dedicated to delivering a seamless booking and shipment process, making international auto shipping, including LIFT ON / LIFT OFF services, a stress-free experience for our valued customers. Trust us with your vehicles, and experience the difference of working with the industry’s best.

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