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We can assist you to purchase your dream car in America. 

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We can assist you to purchase your dream car in america

Safer Pay Transactions

All dreams have to start somewhere, it may even start across the world. Sometimes that perfect dream car is being sold in the USA, and we can assist with processing payment and acquiring your dream car on your behalf. Safer Pay Transactions also helps the local seller, as they feel more comfortable to deal with a company that is based inside of the USA. We provide secure and professional assistance to facilitate the acquisition of your dream vehicle. Whether you are purchasing a classic car, luxury sports vehicle, boat, RV, or motorcycle, we are able to assist.

Since 1988, Direct Express, Inc. has been able to assist customers around the world find the vehicle that they have been dreaming about and looking for. We provide assistance in the purchase, transportation, and international shipping via consolidated container or airfreight.

With our custom loading methods, we are able to maximize available space ensuring the safe transport of your freight.

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Having the right representative in the U.S.A. to make all of the necessary arrangements makes the difference in the world. We are able to collect any vehicle in any location in the USA, and ship to Europe, Australia, or New Zealand. Other destinations are also available upon request.

From the initial contact with the supplier, the collection of the vehicle, inland transport, loading, bracing of the machinery, clearing with U.S. Customs, and loading onto the vessel. We make sure that you are well informed and feel confident that your vehicle is being properly taken care of. We understand the importance of small details when it comes to the transportation of vehicles. We have passion, and love what we do. The successful transport of your cargo is our main goal as well as our top priority.

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Direct Express, Inc. is a leader amongst shipping companies.

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