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We can assist you to purchase your dream car in America.ย 

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We can assist you to purchase your dream car in america


At Direct Express Inc, we understand the complexity and challenges of purchasing vehicles from the U.S.A. when you’re located overseas. To bridge the geographical gap and ensure a seamless, safe, and trustworthy transaction, we are proud to introduce our Safer Pay Transactions service.

Why Choose Safer Pay Transactions?

  1. Trust & Security: As an esteemed international auto shipping service provider, our reputation is built on reliability. Our Safer Pay Transactions service ensures that both buyers and sellers can trust the process, with guaranteed funds transfer and secure payment gateways.
  2. End-to-End Assistance: From the moment an overseas buyer and a U.S. seller agree on a price, Direct Express Inc steps in. We coordinate with the seller, handle inspections, manage payment, and arrange transport, ensuring peace of mind for all parties involved.
  3. Professional Vehicle Inspection: Before any funds are transferred, we arrange a comprehensive vehicle inspection by certified professionals to verify the vehicle’s condition. This guarantees that the buyer receives precisely what they’re paying for.
  4. Streamlined Payment Process: Forget the challenges of international payments. With our established network and partnerships with leading financial institutions, we facilitate smooth, efficient, and swift transactions across borders.
  5. Complete Transparency: With real-time updates, clear communication, and a dedicated support team, you’re never in the dark about any part of the transaction.

How It Works:

  1. Agreement on Price: Once the buyer and seller finalize the vehicle price, they notify Direct Express Inc to initiate the Safer Pay Transaction process.
  2. Vehicle Inspection: A detailed inspection of the vehicle is carried out by our trusted partners. The inspection report is then shared with the buyer for approval.
  3. Payment Coordination: Upon buyer’s approval, we coordinate the payment process. The buyer transfers the funds to a secure Direct Express Inc account, and once we confirm the receipt, the payment is forwarded to the seller.
  4. Vehicle Transportation: With payment confirmed, our logistics team steps in, arranging for the safe transport and shipping of the vehicle to its new overseas home.
  5. Delivery & Confirmation: The buyer confirms receipt of the vehicle in the expected condition, concluding the Safer Pay Transaction process.ย 

Benefits of Safer Pay Transactions:

  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that a reputable company like Direct Express Inc oversees the entire process, from inspection to payment to shipping.
  • Time-saving: Eliminate the hassle of coordinating between multiple parties, handling paperwork, or understanding international payment protocols.
  • Cost-effective: By streamlining the process and eliminating middlemen, we ensure that you get the best value for your money.


For more information or to initiate your Safer Pay Transaction, contact our dedicated team today.

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