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Airfreight Vehicle Shipping from the USA


At Direct Express Inc, we pride ourselves on being leaders in international auto shipping, and our airfreight cargo service is the gold standard. Shipping your vehicle overseas has never been easier or more secure. Whether it’s a prized luxury car, a vintage automobile, or just the family SUV, we handle each shipment with utmost care, ensuring it reaches its destination safely and promptly.

Why Choose Airfreight with Direct Express Inc?

  1. Speed: One of the quickest ways to ship internationally, our airfreight service ensures your vehicle reaches its destination in record time.
  2. Safety: Equipped with the latest technology, we monitor and track each shipment, ensuring your vehicle’s safety throughout its journey.
  3. Convenience: Our end-to-end service means we handle everything – from pickup to delivery, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you.
  4. Global Network: With partners in every major city around the world, we offer seamless shipping, regardless of the destination.

The Direct Express Inc Airfreight Process

  1. Consultation: Discuss your shipping needs with our expert consultants to receive a tailor-made solution for your vehicle.
  2. Pick-Up: Schedule a convenient pick-up time, and our professional team will handle the rest.
  3. Packaging: Using industry-approved materials and techniques, we ensure your vehicle is prepared for its aerial journey.
  4. Documentation & Customs: Leave the paperwork to us. We manage all necessary documentation, including customs clearances.
  5. Real-Time Tracking: With our sophisticated tracking system, stay informed about your vehicle’s location and status throughout its journey.
  6. Delivery: Upon arrival, our local partners ensure your vehicle is safely offloaded and delivered to your doorstep or preferred location.
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air shipping
air freight


  • Is Airfreight more expensive than sea freight? While airfreight might be costlier than sea freight, its speed, safety, and convenience often make it a preferred choice for many of our clients, especially for valuable vehicles.

  • Can I ship personal belongings with my vehicle? Yes, but there are restrictions and additional processes. Speak with our consultants for detailed information.

  • Do I need insurance for my vehicle during transport? We recommend getting insurance for peace of mind, though we ensure the utmost care and safety during transit.


“I trusted Direct Express Inc with my vintage car, and they didn’t disappoint. It arrived in Paris just as it left LA. Flawless service!”Alexandra M.

“The convenience of airfreight with Direct Express is unmatched. From New York to Tokyo, my SUV arrived in just days. Impressive!”Raj K.

Discover the ease of shipping your vehicle internationally with Direct Express Inc. Contact our dedicated team now for a personalized quote and experience the best in international auto shipping.

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