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Direct Express, Inc. is able to provide solutions for OEM’s.

We know OEM’s require on-time pickup and delivery. Our team constructs, executes, and provides the most reliable logistic support to auto manufacturers.

We specialize in domestic transport for OEM companies in our enclosed trailers, as well as containerized transport overseas. We regularly transport OEM, as well as many other specialty vehicles to any location around the world.

We have revolutionized the vehicle shipping industry with the latest vehicle containerization solutions. Direct Express, Inc. optimizes the loading of vehicles into containers through its engineered products that provide safe and secure solutions, such as R-Raks.

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A R-Rak is a removable car racking system that allows a wide variety of vehicles to be efficiently containerized.

The R-Rak maximizes the number of vehicles that can be safely loaded into one container by raising and securing vehicles. The system can be installed into virtually any container and removed upon arrival.

Benefits of the R-RAK

  • It fits all makes and models of vehicles
  • It allows you to transport combinations of different sizes of vehicles
  • It fits all container sizes
  • High return rates
  • Efficient
  • Reusable
  • Eco-Friendly

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Direct Express, Inc. is a leader amongst shipping companies.